Thursday, 1 October 2009

Project1:Frames in a film (part 2)

Above is my "own story" for the last part of this project. It is a rather short scene based around golf. Having looked long and hard for examples of other students work, and not finding any, I decided I would scrutinise the work above with the questions in part 2 of the exercise. I feel the simple story that I have chose has made it rather easy to show in the 5 frames, and I actually feel I could have done it in 4 frames, with frames 2 and 3 probably being able to be included in one. The story I think is fairly easy to understand (though comments would be nice as to how easy it was) but the simple idea was a golfer putting the ball, and falling short of the hole, then decides to kick the ball in and hope no one was watching (which they were).

1 comment:

  1. What a neat story, something you could actually make a video of, and funny too. I didn't spot the kick at first glance and then read the text, so don't know if I'd have got it with more perusal. I'm finding it odd to think in "shots" or frames rather than sequences.