Thursday, 22 October 2009

Research: Framing

In line with the research suggestion in the course I have decided to find some powerful emotive frames. For this, as it is from a different discipline to this course, I have decided to use my own photographs as examples of framing, and critically assess these.

The first image is a very tranquil shot. In this I think the line leading into the scene of tranquillity provided by the posts really helps draw the eye through the frame, and into the nothingness. The shot is very wide to give a summary of the scene, and really let the scene be the powerful element in the frame.

This shot above again contains a very powerful scene, but in a different sense this time, with a lot of drama, and threat. The person in the frame is very small with regards to the frame as a whole, suggesting her insignificance when confronted by the stormy scene, and really adding to the drama in the scene. Also by having her very central in the frame, but just off center is creating a feeling of discord, and helping to add to the tension.

The last shot is a very tight crop on a face, with a shallow depth of field. This instantly identifies her as an important person within the frame. It draws us in to her. The framing with thirds as well is very easy on the eye, and we feel very comfortable. There is no drama, but a very powerful connection with this person in the scene, and would be useful in a romantic sense in a film, or just generally for an important character to the plot, or just the scene.

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