Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Project 1:Frames in a Film

For this project I decided to tell the story of the boy who cried wolf in 5 frames, shown below. I hope the scan is good enough quality for you to depict the story. You can see I'm not the greatest artist in the world. Comments would be appreciated as to how succesful the frames are and where I could improve.


  1. Hi Paul, i'm not really into photography or anything im more fine art(also studying with oca) so i don't know how useful my comment will be! But what i liked about this was how you pretty much got the whole story into just 5 frames. It is easy to see what is happening and i would have known it was the boy who cried wolf even if you hadn't said what it was.

  2. Hello, I've finally got started on the course material. I think your images are well chosen and pick up the key points of the story. Your drawing is fine - its easy to identify, people sheep and wolf. I've had a go at cinderella ( my scans look really scruffy.