Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Project 10: Sound

The sound of silence:

Listening in my bedroom I can hear a variety of sounds. I can hear the sound of numerous birds outside my window, the sound of my computers fan whirring, the sound of my computer's hard drive, the sound of distant traffic. This is all what I would consider a quiet location, but all these sounds are helping to make up the atmosphere of this room.

Sounds in Project 3: (The Alcoholic)

In project 3 I recorded the sounds of what I was doing live. This exercise involved listing all the things within the scene that would make a sound. My list is below:

- Picking up the bottle
- Undoing the lid
- Dropping the lid on the floor
- Putting the bottle on the table
- Moving the glass
- Picking up the bottle
- Pouring the wine
- Putting the bottle down

This is a fair number of sounds in a simple 1 minute long clip.

The next task was to describe each sound. This wasn't very easy to do for me, as it's hard to put some sounds into words. My attempts are below:

Picking up the bottle: Crisp, short sound. Kind of clunky
Undoing the lid: Long drawn out sound. Slight scrape type sound. A kind of sharp sound
Dropping the lid on the floor: Short sharp sound followed by a longer drawn out rolling kind of sound
Putting the bottle on the table: Short clunky sound
Moving the glass: shortish scrapy sound followed by a clink or two
Picking up the bottle: Clunky sound with a couple of clinks
Pouring the wine: Longish rolling, swishing, flowing sound, gradually slowing
Putting the bottle down: Short Clunky Sound

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