Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Viewing: Light levels

Just a small comment about sudden changes of light levels in films which I was told to look out for. I watched "How to go out on a date in Queens" and noticed a few examples of sudden light changes to represent actions, or even things happening off screen. Below is an example where we do not physically see the character flick the light switch, but we see the suggested action and the change in light level and we piece together the information to assume the light switch is out of our sight:

Throughout the film there were a number of other small instances of sudden changes in light levels, when couple were sitting in car, sudden changes of light level indicating to the view that they are sitting by a road and cars are passing. Again, we do not see this, but the sounds of cars, plus these sudden changes in light levels are all very important for piecing together the scene around what we actually see, and this is very important in a film, so light levels are a key part of setting the scene.

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