Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Viewing: Balance of Composition

Whilst watching Sherlock Holmes I saw an excellent example of balance of composition between frames in action, but in an unorthodox way, so thought I would talk about this example:

Above are the two frames of the characters talking to each other. The scene flicks back and forth between these two frames as each character speaks. However they are positioned the wrong side of the frame to feel natural, both characters looking out of the frame rather than into the negative space. This is because the viewer is meant to feel uneasy, as it is a tense conversation, and it works very well, along with the lighting in the frames creating a sense of mystery. The balance is then broken in the following frame, as a character enters down the stairs in the background of this scene, the sudden change and breaking the balance, also doing a good job of creating the uneasy atmosphere that greets the entrance of the "bad guy" in the film

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