Friday, 12 March 2010

Project 7: Depth

This exercise was all about creating different illusions of depth within the same space. I was to use lighting, zoom and depth of field to create different feelings of depth. I chose to shoot the same layout, and didn't move any objects about to try and create different feelings only using the lighting and zoom alone.

The above image was shot using the room lights. It provided a very even light on everything. That combined with a wide angle lens and deep depth of field, provides a very natural view of the room. It doesn't look too deep, but still gives the impression of some depth. This is very natural lighting, and can be used for a very natural feel, one where no particular tension is required, and the viewer is being made to feel at home.

Above the camera set up is the same. I have however stopped lighting with the room lights, and used a light, lighting the rear of the table, and a light lighting the objects in the background. This masks a lot of detail in the room, and doing so creates a claustrophobic sensation. It also gives more of an illusion of depth. I also tried this set up with the foreground lit, but this lighting created more of an illusion of depth, by just lighting the background objects, the distance is exaggerated. This would be good for drawing attention to something deep in the distance, and making it appear as though it was even further way, the attention is drawn to the background. It would also be good for creating a bit of an uneasy feel, as when our attention is in the distance, it's not particularly natural, and there is a lot of darkness around our viewpoint, all creating unease.

This one is now completely changed. I have zoomed in and created a shallower depth of field. I have lit just the foreground as well. The lack of detail, and darkness in the background, as well as the greater zoom, has created a much flatter image, compressing the perspective, and really giving very little sense of depth within the image. The three changes combined have given a completely different feel to the whole scene, and really makes the letter the center of attention.

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