Monday, 15 February 2010

project 6: Production exercise

This exercise was creating, or looking for locations to create different moods (using the mise-en-scene). I decided to look for the locations because I decided it would be interesting to find the locations, as it would give me a bit more of a challenge. Also it was a good opportunity to get out and about after recent poor weather!

This first image was to show an oppressive cluttered space. These trees really create a claustraphobic sense and a cluttered space. They obscure a lot of the view too so it would be quite easy to create a feeling of something hiding within the scene working well for a scary scene, or just building tension. However the irregularity is a bit annoying in my mind, I think this would work slightly better if the trees were slightly more regular

This is meant to portray an open honest space with one intriguing item. I placed the item in the middle of the frame so it made it a bit more intriguing. Because there is this one item of interest it makes the stark open space appear more friendly, as it is broken up a bit. Above I would have liked the trees on the left not to be there as they detract from the main tree being the point of interest

This is meant to be a stark hostile space. It's essentially the same area as above, removing the trees and it gives the feeling of a far more harsh environment, the sun helps add to this effect, giving the impression of no relief from it's beating rays. It's quite a tense feeling frame, as there is nothing in it to relax the viewer, it feels quite punishing. Again I would like to remove the trees and hedges at the edge of the frame to make it feel a bit more open, they just close the frame off a bit and detract from the overall feeling

This was meant to signify a warm cosy space. My original thought was using a room, but I wanted to stick with the outdoors, and just so happened to spot this scene with the road and buildings. It's not too open or two oppressive, it has a good balance between the two, with a nice range of buildings and natural plants. I feel I could have given it a more friendly look if there were some children playing or similar, but it gives the impression of a friendly, cosy neighbourhood.

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