Wednesday, 6 January 2010

How to Learn

This was more a side note in the course, but I thought I would write a blog post, as it does ask me to write a short list. I'm going through my last piece of work for this:

  • What did I set out to achieve? I was aiming to achieve a similar piece of work to the previous project, on an alcoholic drinking his glass of wine, but from an objective viewpoint.
  • How can I identify what I achieved? Whether or not the video for the project tells the story.
  • Did I achieve this? I think I did achieve this, though as mentioned in my project there are a few weak points in the story, especially the panicked section, where I do not think I conveyed this in the best way
  • What I have learned from this? I think I have learned that a variety of frames are useful, but also that there needs to be some consistency between them, else there is a bit of confusion from the viewer's perspective. I also have learned that framing is a very important part of how a story is told, and that if the framing doesn't quite suit the atmosphere, the story is not conveyed to the viewer as strongly as it could be
  • Is it better to struggle and improve my weaker areas or should I cut my losses and focus on my strengths? At this stage its definitely best to try and improve my weaker areas, but not neglect my strengths. Learning at this stage is very much trying to create a good balance for me to better identify my strengths, and at that stage I will have to decide where to focus, or even whether to try and maintain an all rounded ability.
  • How can I really ever know what my strengths and weaknesses are? Self analysis, comparison to other people's projects, and inviting comments on my own projects are all great ways of determining what I have been successful with, and what I could look to improve.
  • How do I know what I need to know if I don't know what it is yet, who can I ask or where can I find out? Now that is a baffling question, but I think the general point is how do I get help when I am lost or stuck. I would use numerous resources, the internet being great on research point of view, but also other students, my tutor, even various resource books (though I am struggling to find any good ones on video, any advice as to where to find some would be very helpful) all are good places to find out.
  • How do I know if I have improved? When is it time to move on? Again, self analysis is key here. I should be able to tell for myself by comparing where I started, to where I have arrived at, whether I have made a significant improvement. I also can use other people's comments and constructive criticism to help me to analyse whether I have improved enough.
Overall I think that has been quite a useful exercise, it has cleared up the learning process, and certainly made me think why I am doing this, and how best to learn. Next up is the first assignment, that I am very much looking forward to doing. I may add some more research before that point, or it may well be the next post you see, but I have already started thinking of a couple of scenarios I would like to film.

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