Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Exercise 4: The feel of a frame (objective)

Now the exercise was to film the same sequence, but from an objective viewpoint. Below is the storyboard and the video for this. The video is without sound this time, as there was a lot of background noise that detracted from the scene.

I filmed this yesterday, so I will talk about the video now. I looked at my storyboard when I was filming and I decided that the wide scene when the person was panicked didn't work to create the tension, so I left this out when filming. I think overall the clip is a bit too short. I should have lengthened the beginning before the tension, had the person look around a bit more, and then create a bit more tension, with a bit more quick movement in that section.

I also think the whole scene lacks the wide view. I would probably shoot the reaching for the bottle scene as a wide view showing the body too, and then move to a close up on the bottle as he opened it, as that would just feel a bit more natural. However I like the close up of the pouring the wine, and the panicked scene I feel benefits from the close up on the face. Overall I think it works fairly well

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