Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Project 3: The feel of a frame (part 2)

Coming back to my short video, the alcoholic, I will reflect on it's positives and negatives here. I feel overall it was fairly successful, but there are a few things I could have improved.

Firstly I feel that the weakest part of the sequence is the cutting to the panicked looking after the bottle cap had dropped. I think this does not fit quite right into the sequence. I wanted a dramatic sudden cut to give the impression of panic, but think it doesn't fit with the objective viewpoint, as it gives the impression it's cutting to another viewpoint. If I had cut to the shot slightly earlier, so I was still looking at the bottle, it may well have worked better, rather than cutting when the noise was heard. I also think that I got the framing slightly wrong in the last cut, as the shot is from a different angle to the previous frame.

However I feel the close up frames add a bit of drama, and really focus the viewers attention, on something that is important to the story, ie the pouring of the wine, the shaking hand, everything that is trying to give the impression of an alcoholic. The wide scenes were good at portraying the sudden change to the awareness of the entire room and I think this was a good choice for those scenes.

 If I were to shoot it again, I would see how a continuous sequence would work, without any cuts, as I think this might work much better from the objective viewpoint, whereas this sequence feels a bit of a mix. I would probably still move between close up frames, and wide frames, but would see how it would work with zooms rather than cuts.

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